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Octavia Scope Images


In order the analze the light performance of a diamond, the Ideal and ASET scope is requires. In this section, we will analyze the Octavia's light reflection path to understand its superior brilliance.

Actual Diamond Image


The Octavia has a distinct cut-cornered square shape. It is one of the most brilliantly cut square shape diamond available. Its distinct step cut patterns can be easily seen from the top.


The actual scope image not only shows the contrast and patterning of the diamond, it also shows the brightness. In the middle of the diamond, you’ll notice a distinct square shaped pattern where the facets of the diamond are larger. It follows the same outline as the diamond,  bringing out the shape of the Octavia. It is almost as if there is a mini Octavia within the Octavia.


The Octavia is an innovative diamond where it combines the elegant patterning of step cut diamonds and brilliance of Super Ideal cut diamonds. This results in a magnificent diamond that surpasses the Asscher and Emerald cuts. 

Ideal Scope Image


The Ideal scope analyzes the light performance of a diamond by showing the reflection of light.


The red area represents light return. The more the red, the brighter the diamond will be. The opposite of light return, is light leakages. Light leakages are represented by white areas, where light is travelling straight through the diamond. Areas with light leakages will not have any brightness or sparkles. Lastly, black areas are contrast. Contrasts are caused by obstruction of light when viewing the diamond from the front. Contrasts adds patterning in a diamond, improving its brilliance. For a diamond to be truly brilliant, it requires a perfect balance between brightness and contrast.

From the Ideal scope, it shows that the Octavia have a great amount of red (light return), explaining the extraordinary brightness it has. It has very minimal white (light leakages) and a good amount of black (contrast).

ASET Scope Image


The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) scope functions similarly to the Ideal Scope. It reveals more details of the light performance of a diamond, by breaking down the light return into strong light return (red) and weak light return (green).

The ASET scope can be used to measure the Fire & Scintillation and Patterned Scintillation of a diamond. The blue areas are contrast, which will turn into colorful fire when viewing the diamond at different angles. Strong light return are represented by the red areas, while the while the green areas are weak light return. Ideally, a diamond should have minimum and evenly distributed green areas which will help create a mesmerizing scintillation, which is also known as the “dance of fire”.

The Octavia has great balance of brightness and contrast, with optically symmetrical patterns. This gives it a mesmerizing scintillation, where the fire constantly bounces off each facet with the slightest movement on the diamond. 

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